Khamis, 13 Mac 2008

Which one is my pathway?

By the year 2009, i am supposed to finish my first degree. But, i do have plan to further my study to higher level postgraduate. i am taking mechatronics so what kind of postgraduate studies should i choose?. Is it research or taught programs?. But most people choose postgraduate research over taught program because they think that kind of program varies in many electrical fields so they won't face any problem when applying for job. Some people think postgraduate taught program is suitable for the purpose to become a teacher or lecturer. On the other hand, postgraduate research will be suitable for the candidate who intends to become an engineer or a researcher in a company. So, if you out there have view on this matter, kindly recommend to me which one would you think be the best program to choose..thanks in advance..

Selasa, 11 Mac 2008

just created this blog..

hello world!..
welcome to my blog..
all aboard..